About Project Ujyalo

1969185_10153920095595556_706180974_n“Ujyalo” means “the light” in Nepali. Ujyalo is one of the initiatives started by Ujyalo Foundation in Nepal.

Ujyalo creates lighting systems by using wasted plastic bottles that amplify a little amount of solar light with the help of water by refracting it into various directions to light up a room. Ujyalo is inspired by “A Liter of Light” initiative.

This natural bulb aims to create an environmental friendly, energy efficient and cost effective system that can be used to light up homes in Nepal that either do not have access to electricity or cannot afford it. Moreover, this will not only help provide light, but will also help us recycle wasted plastic bottles from the community.

DNG_1749Furthermore, given that major cities in Nepal, like Kathmandu, have to endure almost 20 hours of load shedding in the winter on a daily basis, this project has the potential and need in both rural and urban Nepal.